Commercial and Transactional Law

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Commercial & Transactional Law

  • NGInc appreciates that commercial contracts are the foundation of a client’s business, therefore, as it develops its needs become more complex. We strive to provide support and expertise in a broad spectrum of sectors.
  • Commercial transactions include not only drafting the agreement and providing tactical legal advice during the negotiation process, but also advising clients on the risks and consequences relating thereto including standard terms of trade, sale of shares/claims agreements, lease agreements, sale of business agreements, share buy backs, distribution agreements, agency agreements, memoranda of incorporation as well as drafting and negotiating commercial contracts – leases, acquisitions of businesses, transaction agreements, secondment agreements, section 197 agreements, Information Technology agreements.
  • As our clients advance and their needs become more complex we work in cross-functional teams to ensure that our clients receive experienced and discerning advice on all issues.

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